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High Speed Cable Internet Service

High Speed Cable  Internet Service In Great Montreal


Are you an internet user looking for an affordable service? Do you want to spend less whilst never compromising on quality?

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve striven not to create an excellent internet service which charges a fortune, but we’re also not offering cheap deals for a service which is slow and completely unfeasible for home life. We wanted to deliver the best of both worlds, because we’ve no idea why any other internet service provider would only give you half a good deal.

So, if you want a cheap internet service which never lets you down, you’ve come to the right place.

High speed internet is an absolute must, whatever you’re using it for. You need good service, whether you’re watching films on Netflix and music videos through YouTube, or simply playing online games. You deserve to have fast internet with no lag, whatever your requirements, so don’t shrug your shoulders and ‘make do’ with a provider which doesn’t provide that for you.

Do you want high speed internet? Unlimited internet? Specific time-sensitive plans? We do it all.

We know everyone’s home life is different, and we’ve incorporated that knowledge into our service, as we’re exactly the same when we want to use the internet at home. That’s why we offer a wide array of plans, whatever your requirements!

Cable internet plans:

Cable 5

Download up to 5Mbps /Upload up to 1 Mbps

Idea for general Web use, such as browsing, pay bill , sending email and watching SD videos for one user only.
Starting from $29.95/month

Cable 10

Download up to 10Mbps /Upload up to 1.5 Mbps

Idea fo browsing, sending email , listen music and watching 1080-HD videos on youtube for one user only
Starting from $33.95/month

Cable 15

Download up to 15Mbps /Upload up to 10 Mbps

Idea for browsing , listen to music , play online game , use the cloud service ,Play Wechat ,watching HD videos on Netflix or Youtube for one user.
Starting from $34.95/month

Cable 30

Download up to 30Mbps /Upload up to 10 Mbps

Idea for browsing, sending email and watching 4K-HD videos , for 2 users
Starting from $42.95/month

Cable 60

Download up to 60Mbps /Upload up to 10 Mbps

Idea for browsing, sending email and watching live TV , Sports Game
Starting from $46.95/month